Monday, May 28, 2007

Tee hee

Today we took baby out to lunch and shopping for a little furniture. At the furniture store a man said, "Neat helmet! What is it for? Does he have a fragile skull?" It made me smile. I thanked him for asking about it and we briefly explained plagiocephaly. Inside another worker indicated toward the helmet and said, "Is that for decoration?" We just assume she was curious but didn't want to say, "What's wrong with your baby?" In either case, it was nice to have people ask rather than stare and assume.

We are all adjusting. Today I just started kissing the helmet because I can't easily get to his face, and he is in there after all. He's asleep in it again, and wore it all day. 23 hours a day, here we come!


Christine said...

Sunday, a new little girl at church stared at me and Presh for a long time, and finally walked up and said, "How are you her Mommy?"

so cute!

Amy T. S. said...

Awesome. You know kids just want to know so they'll just ask! Such an innocent question.

Allison said...

Kiss that Helmet, Mommy! It's all your baby!