Monday, May 20, 2013

Texas Peach!

First Texas peach of the year.
I clearly remember my first bite of fresh, farmer's market Texas peaches. It was in Luling, Texas after a rousing music therapy session at Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital. I was on my way to Brown-Karhan Healthcare in Dripping Springs, Texas and I stopped for a peach.

She gave me my first one free and as I took my first bite I was transported to my California childhood by the pool. I think I heard angels singing and I could feel my eyes roll back in my head. It tasted like summer and sunshine and I was hooked. I began my quest for the Perfect Peach.

Grocery store peaches don't compare one lick to a fresh ol' farm peach. They don't look perfect, this one has a little goop you can see in the photo, but we just cut that part away and had our first peach experience of the summer.

This batch is from Floresville, Texas. Dora at the Farmer's Market at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in San Antonio explained that as the summer creeps forward the peaches creep northward up Central Texas. I bought this batch confidently and then assuredly as a gentleman came by to purchase a basket because he was about to run out at home. "They're bigger than last week," he said, and it seemed like a good idea to me to follow the peach up Texas this summer.

Not peach nirvana like my first experience, I'm certain that nothing will ever give me that level of bliss again, but pretty darn good for May peaches. I've eaten two and Jenna is also a fan. Go on by and try for yourself. St. Andrew's Lutheran Church is located at 16320 Huebner Road., San Antonio, Texas. The Farmer's Market is on Mondays from 9-1 all summer long.

Where in Texas will we experience the next peaches? Stay tuned!