Monday, March 31, 2008

Tummy troubles

This is not what you think! My little baby, 5 months old, can roll over onto his stomach. However, he can't get back over and it makes him angry. He wakes himself up from naps and sleep, and can't be left on his back for more than a minute or two before I hear him screaming and find him on his tummy. The minute I put him on his back he rolls over onto his stomach. It's like he can't help himself. He says, "Somebody stop me!"

I remember Big Brother rolling over front to back at about 5 months, and not being able to go the other way until 7 months. This new kid's backward. He is about to sit on his own, though, and that's the same time his mentor could sit up, too. I have been telling myself that 2 babies will be easier when the little one can sit up on his own. We'll see.

I know not to compare babies - they're all different. It's hard not to, though. It's not like I'm thinking one did it right and one did it wrong. That's where the problem would be, si?

This is my life, as a covermom.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My happiest Easter ever

Although it was our first Easter as parents and that was great, Big Brother was too young last year to make an Easter fuss over, IMO. I wasn't going to do an Easter basket this year, but at the last minute, having realized that a basket only cost $0.66, I changed my mind. I'm so glad!

We went to church in the morning, because the real meaning of Easter to us is that Christ was risen from the grave and is our living Lord and Savior. Afterwards we went to a traditional Easter brunch of Tex-Mex enchiladas and stuffed, fried avocado, then put Big Brother down for a nap.

When he woke up he got his Easter basket containing eggs filled with fruit puffs, goldfish, animal crackers, and a few m&ms, and then we went outside to look for some more. He was really into it. And, this kid's no fool, he dug through the animal crackers to get to the chocolate - my boy!

Little Brother is wearing an outfit crocheted for him by Granny. It looked so beautiful on him with his matching blue eyes.

I hear him now, so this post is over, Roger.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

We got a dog.

For the day.

Our nanny brought her dog over today. Big Brother loved it! The cats - not so much! They did well, though. I mean, no one was injured.

BB says dog like this: "Doo," and he leaves his lips puckered up. It's so funny. I think he said "dog" 100 times today. They played outside, on the patio, and Little Brother got lots of big wet dog kisses on the mouth. He didn't even flinch. He just made a similar face to the one he makes when I give him his vitamins. It's pretty funny.

I "found" a neat adoption blog today, written by a woman who placed her daughter for adoption years ago. I realized that I don't often talk about adoption any more on my blog, but this is just mostly because these days we are more into baby updates. I do want to say though, that we are maintaining a very satisfying open adoption with BIg Brother's birthmom. We saw her last week when we were in her area and met her at the park then went to Chilis. I recently sent pictures to his paternal birth grandparents (how's that for a mouthful?) too, and am hoping to hear from them. It takes a village and all that.

Some day I'll even post something interesting to the general public, but until then, enjoy a million and five pictures of my cute kids.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Every week on choir rehearsal day I think, "Is it really worth it to get everyone organized to go? Should I quit for awhile?" And most every time I go my socks get blessed off. I think partially it's because it is really the only time during the week that I spend in concentrated worship, and it just touches my heart.

During the week I don't really have time to let down at home, so when I get to choir and it's all about worshipping God I feel a flood of emotions. Tonight I almost, almost broke down in tears after awhile. I finally have time for it to register in my brain how challenging having two little babies is. I'm in survival mode most other times.

So it's worth it. I usually take LB and leave BB at home with Daddy. Tonight I left early to go pick up LB so I could hear the Easter music I'm going to miss this weekend. He loved it, I think, and squealed and cooed as our choir director prayed. Halleluiah!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Better late than never?

I bought Little Brother a crib mattress today. That's right, folks, he is 4.5 months old and does not have a crib set up. He's been sleeping in the Pack 'N Play since birth.

Isn't that thrilling??? Life is so interesting lately! Haha.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Big blog break

Today Little Brother cried a lot and Big Brother ate my last earplug. Talk about bad luck.

I had the flu last week. I was very fortunate to have a really mild case, and knowing that I could have really dealt without the nasal swab. It hurt so bad! They shove a cotton swab as far up your nose as possible, practically into your eyeball cavity and swirl it around. I'd rather give birth that have that again!

Also fortunate was the fact that my wonderful mother-in-law was in town for the week and spirited the boys away so that I could rest. I pretty much slept all day Monday and felt a lot better the next day. It actually turned out to be a fun week. We had girls' night Wednesday (as girly as you can with two baby boys around) and ordered a pizza. Big Brother practically ate a whole piece.

Here's one of our Valentine's Day pictures of both angelic faces together.