Sunday, May 27, 2007


I think we can do this. Today Mr. Man spent most of the day in the helmet, and we are trying to put him to bed in it tonight. He is supposed to wear it for a few more hours. He's pretty tired so we hope he'll go for it.

When Bob put the little hat on tonight Baby didn't even cry. He's crying now, I can hear him being put to bed.

Baby is definitely adjusting, and I am, too. I know it's not the same, but it's sort of like adjusting to a prosthesis. At first it's so foreign and it doesn't fit your image. But soon, as you get used to it, it becomes a part of you. It helps you. Today I was kissing the helmet because it was the only thing I could get to. Bob asked me, "Are you kissing that baby?" and I said, "Yes."

I'm not nuts about it when he dives for me and conks me in the head with the hard hat, but at least he still dives for me like he has for the past few months. I could do without the stares at the restaurant, but then I hear people say, "What a cute baby." He IS cute. That is not debatable.

I have a couple of friends whose sons have worn helmets, and I emailed one the other day. I actually don't know either of these women very well, but I have a feeling I'm about to. My new friend emailed me a wonderful response about how he and her son adjusted to the helmet, and it helped me feel not so alone.

In the grand scheme of things this is nothing. It is 4 months of our lives, it is only cosmetic, it is not life-threatening. But of course we only want the best for our children. This is the best for him. He could care less about that hat so it's my problem. All sorts of things happen in life, and we choose how we are going to deal.

I know I've quoted this scripture here recently, but Romans 8:28 says that God will work all things for good to those called according to His purposes. Maybe we'll meet someone along the way who needs some hope and acceptance, like I received from my friend. We just won't know until we "walk purposefully about" (Davis, 2000) in this helmet!

By the way, I don't hear any more crying, so maybe the Big Guy has fallen asleep in his new head.

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Ann Thompson said...

I could not really imagine what our beautfiul Erik would look like in a helmet, but now I can see that Erik is just as adorable in his new hat. His bright eyes, perfect face and darling smile are all still there. Thanks for posting the adorable picture of Erik with his newest look.