Saturday, May 26, 2007

First nap in the helmet.

This is not happening. He slept for about 15 minutes and has been crying ever since.

Sometimes when I feed him and my hair is down, he likes to tug on it. It's okay when he gets large chunks of hair, but when he only grabs a few and yanks it out it hurts like crazy! Listening to him try to sleep in that God-forsaken thing makes me want to pull them out myself few by few.

Hateful, dreaded helmet.


Christine said...

Geez, he just can't NOT look cute.

Hang in there. One day at a time. One nap at a time. With the amount of time he has to wear it, he will get used to it sooner than you realize. Easy to say now. MUCH easier to say a week from now!

Gioietta said...

((((Amy))) and ((((Baby/Thing 1))))
Christine is absolutely right! He is just adorable, with his space helmet on or not. With his little flat head or a nice round one. We love him and we know you and dh love him even more! Praying for you and baby!