Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mommy Spring Break!

I'll be taking a staycation this week in my own home. I'm so excited!

Step one: making my bedroom oasis look nice. We have a nice, large bedroom with a little corner just for me. I'm sitting there right now on my couch with my feet up on an ottoman. Nice. But the room is a mess and doesn't feel very oasissy! I'll put in a new Scentsy fragrance, tidy up some messy spots, vacuum, and have a mini spa bedroom. Ahhhh...

Step two: eat lots of berries. I have a huge container of raspberries and a container of strawberries that I plan to indulge in daily. Perhaps I'll have raspberry waffles one morning for breakfast and a strawberry yogurt parfait one afternoon (or four).

Step three: get some errands run and maybe even shop for Baby Girl Standridge!

Step four: get my knitting on!

Step five: nap, nap, nap - got to catch up on some zzzzzz's.

So if you need me, I'll have my feet up so give me a few minutes to get to the door or the phone.

Oh hey, I forgot step .5. Drop the boys off at kid's gym camp every day!

Spring break is here!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Moment

You know those moments when you fall in love with someone all over again again? I had one of those moments with BB today.

We were doing some youtubing, my two boys and I, the three of us snuggled up on the bed looking up mewing kittens and screaming chameleons and the like. I got the idea to look up baby girls.

I found a youtube video with a tear-inspiring song in the background while still shots appeared of a baby girl on her first day in the world. One part showed the baby girl in the arms of her grandfather. The baby, the music, and finally the grandfather got me emotional and I started to cry.

LB is not a fan of tears. He said to me, "Please stop crying, Mommy, can you please not cry?"

But BB, he is an empathetic and supportive little boy. He looked at me so tenderly, so sweetly, and traced the back of his fingers down my face. He just sat there with me as I talked about why I had tears. Then he got a big grin, took my face in his hands, and kissed my tears. I do this to him sometimes to make him laugh - eat his salty tears. And that is exactly what he did to me. It worked. I laughed. And I fell in love again.

This kid is a spark plug. I find myself correcting him dozens of times a day. He gets into any sugar he can find (because he's so sweet, I guess), he drops trash and other items on the floor the minute he finishes with them, and he plays too rough. And he's the sweetest, most sensitive, empathetic boy inside. He's sugar and spice. That kid is really something.

Friday, March 02, 2012

The no good, terrible, very good day.

Today started for me at 4:57 a.m. A little boy, who shall remain nameless, is suddenly a morning pooper. Yay. So today the big event happened super early. Randy has been getting in to work at 6 a.m. all week, so he got up, this boy got in our bed with me, and we finally fell asleep again at 5:40. Brother came in at 6:30 to start the day.

I told them to go play while I slept a little longer, so at 8 a.m. I came downstairs to a table covered in chocolate Lucky Charms minus all the mushrooms. Oh yes, I do mean marshmallows - it's been a long day. Also covering the table and floors were Starburst wrappers and jelly beans. BB had made breakfast! I found two little boys sitting on the back steps discovering dead bugs to pick up, and pretending to plant "magic beans." So cute. Messy, but sweet. Literally.

We met a seller from Craigslist this afternoon to buy a stroller for Baby Girl. We decided to try a new park on the way, but when we got there I thought it looked a little scary. So we left for another new park, which was equally dilapidated and did not include a playground. Basically it was grass and a worn-down pavilion. BUT, there was a ravine with a little bit of water in it into which the boys immensely enjoyed throwing rocks. We were there for five minutes before we had to go. Park problem solved.

Upon getting to the meeting place, I spoke with the seller who was late, so the boys and I went to Wendy's for a Frosty and yes, I admit it, an order of french fries which, to my credit, we split three ways. And it was good.

Off to the gym we went to burn off those calories! I had planned to get to the gym at two and we were there closer to four. I sat for awhile, swam for awhile, changed for a while, stretched, and made it home just in time for dinner at six. The boys' dinner was ready and on the table due to our late arrival. Yes!

Today was a comedy of errors at best. But a lovely day. Lemons, lemonade. A breakfast mess turned into magic beans, a park problem turned into rock-throwing fun, and a late trip to the gym turned into Mommy not having to make dinner for hungry boys. The boys were (mostly) in a good mood, they loved having an excuse to throw rocks, and they always love the "kids gym." I had a relaxing work out and just enjoyed a bowl full of leftover-taco soup after a quick jaunt to the corner store for some pinto beans.

AND I have a coffee date in the morning, AND a date with my husband in the evening. And now I say yes to Yes to the Dress. It is a good day. Ciao.