Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I just flew in from Ames, Iowa...

...and boy are my arms (and everything else) tired.

But seriously folks, I'm exhausted! It's 7:00 and I feel like could just go to bed, but I have a few things to do and I saved enough calories today to have a bowl of cereal and berries for dessert. This requires me to arise and go downstairs to the kitchen, and so arise and go I shall.

Tomorrow I will be 24 weeks pregnant, and I do NOT remember being so tired last time. Granted I am almost 5 years older and my kids don't nap and need to be entertained and taken places pretty much every day, plus I feel responsibility to do some laundry and prepare meals for my family of four once in awhile. (While pg with LB I only had two solid-food-eating people in our family.)

Wednesday is coming up and it is my loooong day, starting with BSF at 9am and going through children's choir (one more week!) and my choir rehearsal ending at 9pm. Perhaps I can catch a quick nap at Chick Fil A at lunch with my friend who I'll call Delores because half the time I forget her name and call her that anyway. Wednesday is the day that I try not to feel too guilty when we have Chick Fil A for lunch and Dominos Pizza for dinner! (Did I mention that my midwife suggested that I gained a couple extra pounds last month?)

So what's happening with me? Well finally this week people I don't know have asked me when the baby is due. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think, "Huh? Oh, right!" Also, my lower back/sacral muscles hurt about 60 percent of the time despite my wearing a maternity belt when I can. I've been back to the chiropractor which seems to give me some relief but not as much as I'd like.

I'm exercising when I can, swimming two times a week and doing pilates and prenatal yoga, and I pretty much don't have any cravings besides the craving to rest and the craving to eat out anywhere that includes me sitting down and not preparing anything. I do hanker for hot wings regularly, but so far have indulged that only once. Girl Scout cookies are irresistible, or were irresistible until I stepped on the scale yesterday, and I'm into fresh fruit which is probably a better bet for me anyway. Oh well, I felt much better after reading what Jessica Simpson is eating during pregnancy!

Most importantly, Baby Girl is a super active little thing and the boys are very excited for their baby sister to come out. She kicks and punches pretty strongly, and I had my first experience on Sunday with a very obvious repetitive bladder punches. Mmmm, fun. She is more active at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm, and occasionally whoops it up first thing in the morning or right at bedtime. This does not keep me from sleeping yet, however, and I can make it from 9:30 until 6:30 without getting up to use any facilities. TMI!

I went off the sauce recently (Facebook), and plan to blog more, but lying down and vegging out is pretty much taking priority over everything right now, including BSF which is what I need to be doing tonight but might not. I'd rather just have my cereal and be done with it. Lesson, complete thyself.