Wednesday, May 09, 2007

San Saba

Tonight we went to a leadership meeting at church and brought the baby. He had taken a late nap so I felt pretty good about taking him. With the new baby on the way in the fall we decided to step down from leadership next year, so I wanted to attend the last meeting.

He was a doll! He made about 4 sounds the whole hour, stayed up past his bedtime, and was still smiling at 7:30. He's usually in bed before 7:00. I also strapped him on in the Mei Tai baby carrier to take him to choir to show him off for awhile. He is quite the show piece! He is so fun and is my best friend. I know I should cherish these days in order to survive the future times when he thinks I'm the lamest mom in the world!

Baby's favorite thing to do lately is to grab my face with both hands, jut out his lower jaw in a weird smile, and shake his head back and forth, sometimes rubbing his drooly chin all over my face. Then we each need a burp rag!

I'm reading John Grisham's book Testament and I'm almost done. It's nice to read again. I hope to finish it tonight, so I'd better get a readin'!

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