Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm a plagio mom.

Well, gosh. Here it all is. You can't really tell from a front view how flat this kids noggin really is. In this picture the front of his head is facing the bottom of the screen and a little bit to the right. I actually thinnk it rounded out a bit from when we first started repositioning him, but in the words of our cranial-facial specialist, "It's pretty flat." Hello, Dr. Obvious! But we told ourselves it really wasn't that bad. This look is OK on a baby, but if he's ever in the military or bald, this might not be such a good look for him.

Here is baby's first hour in the helmet. Doesn't he look miserable? It does squinch his little cheeks together, but again, this look works for a baby.

Here's round 2 of the helmet. Poor baby is really affected by it.

I had a real hard time of this yesterday. Obviously the helmet doesn't phase baby at all, but it sure phased me one good when he screamed and writhed in misery as I put that thing on his head. Also, I have to work really hard at getting in a kiss. I can basically get a top-of-the-head if I pucker up real good or a kiss on the lips if I come in directly from the front. When I snuggle up with him I can feel a bunch of plastic on my face and it doesn't smell like baby head.

But what can I do besides get used to it? Get him a t-shirt made that says, "I was abducted by aliens and all I got was this lousy helmet?" Exclaim to on-lookers, "What are you looking at!?!?!?!" Nah - not my style.

Do you think he looks like an astronaut?


MrsJennaHatfield said...

Munchkin's younger brother, JD, had a helmet for plagio and ... something else that I forget. He's doing well now.

Cute pics all the same. :)

Heather.PNR said...

My little guy wore a helmet last summer--I think it took ME longer to get used to it than it did him.

I used to tell people who asked that we got it so he wouldn't hit his head on things while he was crawling around. I'd ask, "You mean you didn't protect your baby's head when he/she was learning to crawl??" Then, of course, I'd give them the real answer. But it was fun to poke them a bit.

Hang in there--I know how hard it is at the beginning.