Saturday, May 05, 2007

Special occasions for birthmoms.

Tomorrow is baby's birthmom's birthday. Triple B. Then next weekend is Birthmother's Day on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday. I'm not sure how I feel about Birthmother's Day. Isn't she a mother, birth or otherwise? I'd like for Birthmother's Day to be in October or something. This way kind of feels like Saturday is an appeasement holiday for Sunday. A few birthmoms created Birthmother's Day, so I guess it might be PC. I think I'll send a Mother's Day card instead. As I said, she is a mother. Yeah.

We keep telling Baby that tomorrow is his Kelly's birthday. She is 10, count them, 10 years younger than me. Well, nine years and two months younger than me if I'm trying to make myself feel better.

We'll be finalizing our adoption this month. I wonder how K feels about that? Does it make everything harder? Easier? (Not likely.) Our mandatory monthly visits are up. Is she worried we will disappear? It's good that we have some special occasions this month. They will hopefully let her know that we still love her and want her in our lives. We do.


Allison said...

Happy Mommy's Day, Amy! And to K as well - you're both such special mommies!

Amy T. S. said...


Christine said...

We only do Mother's Day, and not just because J is parenting Presh's brother. I think that it means a lot to hear from us on Mother's Day. She was her first mother, after all.