Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend update

I am feeling somewhat refreshed, and a little bit ready to hit another week running.

Yesterday I started my groups for children and teens with Down Syndrome. We were supposed to start yesterday, then it looked like we would have to wait a week, but we ended up meeting after all. It was really fun. The kids were sweet, musical, and adorable. This is a great opportunity for me for several reasons, one of which is that the groups operate out of this amazing therapeutic space near downtown. I would usually have to rent space myself, but since this program is sponsored by the Down Syndrome Association I am provided a location to run the groups. Thanks, Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas!

After working we went to UT/Iowa State game and wore our UT-shirts. It was oppressingly hot, but we managed until the second half when it started to cool down. There was a big storm approaching. She arrived at 5:15 and they actually stopped the game at the end of the 3rd quarter. They restarted the game over an hour later, but by that time our bellies were full of our favorite Thai food (Madam Mam's) and we headed home. Poor Iowa State. Today I wore my ISU polo to try to even things out.

That's all folks! Weekend over. Next weekend we may go fishing - won't that be a kick? I've been, like, 3 times in my life.


andrea said...


wow its to bad you're never busy:( all u do is sit around:):) ha!! ha!

your group sounds great, and the football game- wow fun times!!:)

have a great week this week!!

miamaegan said...

hey amy
I sport my UT scrubs every once in a while at work...we have alot of aTm folk up there, so we have to strut our gear when its game time.
So, about my "date night" blog ha! I did in fact go with a guy, but it was not really a date, just an old friend of mine that i havent tlaked to in a while. I am trying NOT to date at this point in my life...i think its time to focus on me and Jesus, and for real---falling in love with Him first. I have wasted alot of time in relationships that were not nesessarily fruitful and kindof a waste of time. I learn form my mistakes tho. I really wanna hear form jesus- like for everything that i do, every move i make. So i am weeding out the typical distracctions that i have surounded myself with for too long.
Did someone say FISHIN'-- i love going, i hope that you have a blast...cheers

Adopting Momma said...

my dad was in Austin this weekend for that game! glad you had a good weekend!