Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bad Kitty

We love Chez Zee. She is SO cute, and SO fun, and SO interesting. However, the midnight crazies are about to drive us insane! Just when you think it's safe and she's settled down, she FREAKS OUT! This girl runs around all over the bed in the middle of the night and chases her tail, your feet, and sometimes my hair. She's nuts, I tell you.

I had a friend who wrote a song about the 6:am Cat Crazies or something similar. I had older cats at the time and didn't totally relate, but I think about this friend Carol now all the time! I haven't seen her in 6 years either.

Last night at about 1:am I finally had to put her in her room. I then ate a cracker and got back in bed without brushing my teeth again. Sorry, dear.

1 comment:

Adopting Momma said...

awe..cute kitties!
How long have ya'll being waiting for placement? Any word on when thats happening?