Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello, sports fans!

My dear husband and I are going to see UT football play Iowa State next week! What to wear?

I feel sick because I am so excited for the football game.

This oughta be good.


Matt & Kat said...

Ummmm....don't you really want to stay at home and watch the game on TV....and pass along that extra ticket to your dear TexasEx friend Matt Green??? Haha....just kidding, I'm jealous, can't wait to go to another Texas game!!! Hope yall have a blast, I know ya will! Our little man arrived today, praying the next 3 days go well....look forward to seeing yall in January.......

Amy T. S. said...

Yes, I really do. However, I thought I needed to let Matt be a dad! Sorry if I made the wrong choice. Would you still like the tickets if it rains? ;o)