Friday, September 22, 2006

Kenny Loggins

I'm alright.

I have exhaustion! I have had such a physically and emotionally busy week and I am SO excited just to chill out later! Please don't let it rain for the big Iowa State/UT game tomorrow! Please can it with the exclamation point, self.

I am a music therapist. Does anybody know what that is? I know that someone does, and if she ever gets back in blogosphere and figures out who I am, she will share that fountain of knowledge with you, too.

(When I see paragraphs that all start with "I," I panic. But I am a music therapist, not an English teacher. Resisting the exclamation point there.)

My life is pretty snazzy professionally. I am doing some really fun things right now. I am consulting with a software company and adapting music materials for use in the special education classroom. I have a lovely private MT client and several darling music students. Next Saturday I start a 7-week music group for children and teenagers who have Down Syndrome, and am also doing some music therapy assessments and services for a school district.

I also go to Bible Study Fellowship on Monday nights, play the piano for the 1st grade choir at our church, and sing in the grown-up choir. I also go to a cool mom's group one day a week. I'm a mom, I just don't have any children in my house today. Maybe tomorrow.

So, I'm off to write up some music therapy reports.

Music therapy is the planned use of music and music interventions to bring about functional changes in human behavior, emotions or physical functioning.


miamaegan said...

I LOVE IT !!!! I cant beleive we have found each other again. I apologize for not getting back to you. I just checked my blog today. I never really have a chance to use it at work and then I forget when i get home. I am usually more concern with tlak radio these days.
amy, i am so happy that you are adopting. I think that is like the most amazing thing that a family can do. Alot of my friends are doin this. Since we are on the subject, and this might now pertain to the reasons of you adopting but--I was raised up in a Republican/Conservative household. My family and church were very loud about being PRO LIFE. When I was about 10 or 11 I HAD to go with my parents and some other Christians to protest in the streets against abortions. I was holding signs up that I did not even really understand. But not that I am older and our generation is still facing these same issues, i think there is another way of standing up for pro life. if people belive that we shoudl not abort then I think they should be willing to ADOPT. So, some of my firneds are having their own and then adopting as well. I hoep that some day i can do the same. I am still wating for the husband part--hehe.
So, I guess that you found me through my friends blog? Shannon? she is adopting as well. Anywho, it doesnt matter how ya found me, I am just glad to hear about your life, and we will definitley keep in touch.
I think that MT's should keep in touch more this way too. Sounds like you are pretty busty in the music world as well.
I actually have my first intern right now. I think back alot--many memories of you and Stefanie. I really learned so much form you gals. I also just recetly went to my NMT fellowship training. Do you keep in touch with Stefanie? does she blog?
Anywho, miss ya, and know that you have another person praying for your situation...

miamaegan said...

pleeeeese forgive ME, I cannot spell check very well. i think that i mentioned you sound like you are BUSY, NOT BUSTY???? sorry bout that ;)