Monday, October 30, 2006


I saw baby's first bath in the newborn nursery, and he did NOT like it. Now we have to give him one! I don't want to - he'll be sad. My mom says that babies need to cry in order to exercise their lungs - talk about a cardio workout! I'm not sure we'll try to capture this first sponge bath in person, but here are some more pictures to tide you over until we do.

We chickened out! Bath tomorrow.

Say, if I sound together, I'm not. Just ask Stacey or Karen, both of who I talked to on the phone tonight amidst tears of sleep deprivation and "What if I can't do this?"


Christine said...

He has spent the better part of nine months in warm, soothing fluid. Now, he's all air dried and then when you do finally put him in liquid, there is this dry nakedness involved. It just ticks him off. So, you just do it as fast as you can, and keep moist, warm washcloths over the parts that aren't currently being washed.

That's followed by lots of warm towel snuggles ... followed by you waiting too long to get him dressed and he'll mess all over you!

On that same train of thought ... his bowels have never had to work sans the amniotic fluid. We know how uncomfortable we can be when we just eat something a little different from our norm. Now, put that on his level and WOE! His little intestines are having to learn how to do what it is that they'll be doing for a lifetime. That will explain a lot of fussing when you can't seem to find the answer.

You can't screw this up because you are totally in love with him. Your greatest desire is to meet his needs. So, sometimes, he will cry ... and it will be for a reason that you cannot "fix" ... and his greatest need at that point will be to have Mommy & Daddy hold him.

That's what you're doing.

You're perfect.

thekeller3 said...

Oh my gosh, he is SOOO adorable and SOOO tiny!!! :) You look like a pro holding him and feeding him. Motherhood looks good on you. can't wait to meet the little tike! Love, Karen

Jennifer said...

The most important lesson you learn as a parent is that you are stronger and more capable than you ever thought you could be.

Soon enough he will be squeeling with delight during his bath and throwing fits when you take him out.

Familie_Von_Trapp said...

Swaddling is key! Keep the little bugger wrapped up tight. THey like it.

Simi said...

Hey girl!
I just got back from seeing my sister and niece and my sister hates giving her baths because see brings down the house with her screams when it is bath time... so you are not the only one who dreads it!