Monday, October 16, 2006

Pumpkin seeds!

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. It's OK. I don't currently have any religious objections to it as long as the costumes are not evil or satanic (this coming from a gal who just saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). One year I was an M&M (see, my heart has always been with chocolate).

But, I do love pumpkin seeds! I made a batch last night and carved a pumpykin with triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a smiling mouth with two teeth. (Uh, if I just took a picture I could show you, right? I wish I had gotten a picture when Chez stuck her head inside the pumpkin.)

I roasted the pumpkin seeds with canola oil, salt, and a dash of cayenne pepper. I made my husband eat some as I raved on about how good pumpkin seeds were. He said, "Do you have an emotional attachment to pumpkin seeds from your childhood?" Translation: "These taste like nothing. What's the big whoop?" I guess I must have some childhood memories surrounding pumpkin seeds. I really do like to eat them.

So, that was Halloween at our house. Our cats are orange and black, so we'll be festive for the rest of the month. The pumpkin seeds are almost all gone.


Jayne said...

I LOVE pumpkin seeds, too!

Adopting Momma said...

i have never had them but maybe now I will finally try some with tony sacharies cajun spice.

I graduated from HBU (Houston Baptist)but met Mae through church here in Houston.