Thursday, October 05, 2006

Groundhog Day

Allright, where is our baby?

A few days after hearing that J's baby would be adopted by another couple, we received word of another situation. After a week of waiting to hear, we discovered that that baby, too, would be adopted by another couple. As far as we know, this is the third time a mom looking at our profile has chosen someone else.

It's amazing how much we've learned over the past few months. Every "no" is closer to a "yes," obviously, and each situation teaches us new things about ourselves, our possible future family, and our faith.

So now we've learned all about talking to a birthmom and having the match not happen, and about knowing that our profile is being viewed (at least 2 other times) and having the match not happen. I figure all we have left to learn is being chosen and then having the birthparents decide to parent. After that it should all work out, don't you think?

But, we know that God has built a hedge of protection around our profile until His choice is looking at it. That seems like a safe bet to me.

By the way, I think having a match and then having the mom decide to parent would be SO hard. However, listen close, ultimately we would be so happy that she decided to parent. As much as we would love a baby in our home, I do think that parenting is an excellent, excellent choice. I would never begrudge the mom if that situation were to happen, as painful as it would be. It is her baby.

With that, I'm back to work. Party on, Waynes.


thekeller3 said...

Just FYI - we had 3 birthmothers look at our profile before we were chosen. You're right - God has a hedge of protection around you, but that doesn't stop your mind from wondering what if, huh?

We'll keep praying for God's match for your family!

Ann Thompson said...
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Ann Thompson said...

Thanks to "thekeller3" for those kind and reassuring words. We are all waiting eagerly for the newest member of our family and we continue to trust in God to find the right baby for us. The waiting part is a challenge for the grandparents also, but we will continue to trust in HIM.