Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm spilling the beans...

We got The Call.

I was in the bathroom when it came in! I did not answer the phone, and the caller didn't leave a message. I looked at my cell phone for some reason, and noticed a phone number that looked suspiciously close to our caseworker's cell phone number. I remembered the cw's # because I had just that afternoon pulled out the slip of paper on which I wrote her number when J was supposed to call us.

The next thing I knew the phone was ringing again, and it was my bob (i.e. husband) on the phone confirming our dinner reservation time for that day. (Our anniversary, as you might remember.) I thought the timing of his call was a little suspicious and my heart began to pound a little. He asked me, "So, what's going on?"

"Nothing," I replied nonchalantly.

"I just wanted to make sure that 7:00 would work for you for dinner."

My heart dropping, I replied, "Yes, that's fine. Well, here is what is really going on...[explain phone numbers]."

"Well," he said slowly,"I was going to wait until I got home to tell you this, but...."

[Insert one of the most interesting phone conversation of our lives here.]

Aren't you curious about the details? How mean am I that I am not going to give them to you right now. Suffice it to say, if the parents do choose adoption after the baby is born, we will be parents by Chrismas! In fact, significantly sooner than that.

Stay tuned!


Pool Snapshot said...

Amy, this is such great news. I was beginning to wonder why it was so quiet on your blog. Now I know. Jumping with joy for you, and sending good thoughts your way!

Kristina said...

Oh, my goodness! I am praying for all of you, and hope that things work out! I am so happy, even though I don't know all of the details (and yes, I am dying to know)! I am wondering what the story is, and if this is another drama like the last few times have been. I mean, was this "THE" call, or was this just "A" call? much to be left to the imagination. I can barely contain myself. Oh well, I will assume that this is "THE" call and say, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!" What a wonderful Christmas present!
Love in Christ,
Kristina from GA

Allison said...

you're so sneaky. I want the story...

I'm so excited for you!

Party on!

Ann Thompson said...

As you know Grandma Ann and Papa Bruce are very excited to welcome this new little person to our family. Our prayers are with you and Randy!

Amy T. S. said...

Well, part of our caution in telling too much is that it is hard to know what the parents will do when they see their baby for the first time.

It is their baby until they sign the termination of parental rights, and up until the baby is born, s/he has not had a face, hair, arms and legs, etc. As heartbreaking as it would be, keeping the biological family may be the best choice. (I'm not talking specifically for this family, but in general.) God only knows.

Thanks for all of the joy and well-wishes!

Kristina said...

Any updates? Nursery room news?

KatieMark said...

Hi, Amy.

I just started a blog, so that I could post on yours!! I've been keeping up with yours on a regular basis, and have been wanting to send my well wishes. I'm so thrilled for you and Randy to be where you are with this whole long process. You are going to be GREAT parents one day, hopefully very soon. The anticipation is something I just cannot even fathom. All the best to you both.

love, Katie C-L

Simi said...

Hey girl and guy! Congratulations! I am so sorry I missed the homecoming! You will now have to invite me over to baby sit for you all soon!