Sunday, October 15, 2006

Anniversary and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

No, we didn't go to see "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" on our anniversary. But it was recently our anniversary, and we did see the Massacre. I highly don't recommended it unless you would like to feel sick for several hours afterward.

Thursday we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! I was super excited, because I've never been married for four years before. (Insert drum track - ba dum bum.) Wonderful things can happen on one's anniversary. We went to dinner at The Four Seasons Restaurant on Town Lake. It was SO yummy. For dessert we had a banana split "split." It was like a banana split ala carte. There were carmelized and plain bananas, whipped cream, chocolate ice cream, vanilla gelato and strawberry sorbet, peach, chocolate and a caramal sauces, and you mixed your own split. It was really fun and interesting.

I told you that yesterday we were going to the movies. Well, there are no good movies out right now. The two dumb ones we were wanting to see were man of the Year and School for Scoundrels. Both got terrible reviews on, and both were sold out. SO, we saw the TCM:TB. lol. That cracks me up.

My mom put together a calendar last year and the October picture is my brother with a chainsaw. Hey, I have a pic. Here he is!

Be afraid - be very afraid.

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