Saturday, October 07, 2006


Right now Punky is cleaning Chez's fur. I just clipped 12 of Chez's claws and I guess now she needs some love.

This morning one of my music students climbed into my lap while I was singing a book. It was awesome - sweet kid. The book is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but it has about 8 verses, in the form a story. Instead of reading it, I sing it in the TTLS tune. The illustrations are really good, too, although one of my guys wanted to know where the monster was.

Well, now Punky is biting her, but hey, they shared a moment. Cats.

Upon closer inspection, I think Chez only has two claws on her front left paw. Is that weird?

What makes me think I am not going to get any responses on this post?


Melody said...

Can I prove you wrong? hehehehe........

Thanks for the giggle today. You make me miss teaching music lessons!


Amy T. S. said...

Making the rounds today, huh? ;o) I was just over at Allison's. (Or was it Thelma?) Well, I saw you, wherever you were!

Thelma said...

It was me! First time she's commented on my blog! I was thrilled. Today's lesson: it is not always wise to buy the cheapest mousse (for your hair, I mean). ACK! The smell!!

miamaegan said...

You think that you can put TTLS and not get a comment, well think agina. I was wondering if that was a new NMT technique??? ha just kiddin' I miss singin books with kids. We dont have any pedi Pts and its weird. well everythime i check out yo blog i will remember to pray for your sitch

mae (mia)

Adopting Momma said...

in response to your last post...we went to seminar a few weeks back and there was a couple there that actually helped convience the birthparents that they could parent that baby (the baby had down syndrome) so they ended up not placing. It was incredibly hard still but I thought that was amazing on the part of the couple that helped them through that decision. 2 months later they had a successful placement.