Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We're in!

Homestudy complete. Although we had finished all the steps before our trip, the homestudy is not officially complete until our profile is in the book that the expectant mothers look through in order to choose the prospective adoptive parents.

I learned that the term birthmother is more accurate when a woman has placed their baby for adoption. Before placement, the woman is just the mother, or expectant mother. I can't remember where I read this. Makes sense, though.

Anyway, at least one couple who we have met in the last few months has already been placed with their SON! I mean, he is home and everything. So, this can happen very quickly. There really is no way to know how long it might take.

I think it will take awhile before every ring of the phone doesn't send me into heart palpitations. Will the mother like me? Will I cry or act like a dork? Will I snort when I laugh or let out a loud, unexpected belch? I changed out answering maching message today to make it sound more warm and welcoming. Punky was meowing in the background so I had to lock him in the bedroom lest he sound like a baby crying in the background of my warm, welcoming message. "Be yourself." I know, I know, DON'T say it. I'll be myself, I promise.

I start work again tomorrow, if you call 2.5 hours a week "work." It'll be good. If you would like to know more about music therapy, check out the AMTA link at the right. It's a fun gig. I'll have to make up an invoice and figure out what to charge. It's my first time out as a completely independent service provider. One MILLion dollars?


Bethm411 said...

Stupid blogger ate my comment!

The message on my adoptive parents machine was in spanish. I hung up and redialed twice cause I thought I dialed wrong. I even called my social worker back, she said it was the right number, the dad just had a goofy sense of humor.

They kept my message and still have it.

Ooh and I get the reference....Sally Field. I am not THAT young.

Christine said...

I agree! Yea for Lana hooking us up. You are one of my favorite people I've only seen once. :)

I still have the piece of paper that I held the night of our phone conversation with our daughter's birthmom. I wrote down some questions, because I was afraid I wouldn't know what to say ... and be my typical self and say something STUPID! I scribbled down the little highlights on herself that she told us. It's sloppy, completely random, covered in nervous hand sweat and horribly crumpled.

It's beautiful.