Friday, June 02, 2006

OK, the gig's up

We're in London!

We visited Scotland for several days, then went on to York, and now we're in London, baby!

Scotland was warm (not literally) and wonderful as usual. It was great fun revisiting the places I lived and hung out when I spent a semester at the University of Edinburgh in 1990. Our guest house was a block away from the hall (or dorm) where I lived - Pollock Halls. I couldn't remember which "house" I was in, (Turner House?) but we walked all through the grounds. Pictures to come.

Next stop York, England by train. York is a quaint old English town with lots of history, and our highlight there for me was tea for two at Betty's tea room! There was an old piano player there who looked around the room as he played by memory, and he played some great songs. Randy thought he looked like his dad, but I thought he looked like me when he played - with his chin kind of tucked in and a bright look in his eyes.

We've been in London for 2 days. Yesterday we did the very British thing of watching X-Men at the cinema. We were definitely needing a break! We then had ice cream and walked and took the tube (subway) home. Tomorrow we are meeting my friend from Tejas, Diane, and her parents to go to a show. We are trying to go to The Producers tonight, and then may see a matinee tomorrow with our American friends.

Today is a Big Bus tour of London. Yesterday we walked by Big Ben and Parliament. Our hotel is not far from Buckingham Palace!

Just a quick update, blog friends.

Thank you for visiting my wee bloggie (winks to Thelma).

See you soon!

P.S. Thanks to all of our new friends and neighbors watching the house and Punky-cat!

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FionaMcT said...

Enjoy and relax you one could deserve a vacation adventure more than you! Keep us posted! Praying for baby on the doorstep upon your return....that't my personal "winning the lottery" -style fantasy.