Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bor-ing, bor-ing

Sorry about my unblog these days, fellas! (Unblog - got that from Thelma).

I am working with 5-year-olds at vacation bible school (VBS) this week. Yesterday there was a recreation station where we painted a large "castle" made of wood. The kids didn't have much time. So, today we went back for some more castle-painting but there was no paint. The kids were starting to wander around, so I told them they had to wait. Several of them started chanting, "Bor-ing, bor-ing," (roll eyes). Five-year-olds. Sheesh.

Yesterday a friend was working with 4-year-olds. One of them coughed and my friend said, "You need to cover your mouth when you cough." The little girl said, "Maybe you could move out of the way when I cough!" Um, excuse me? Seriously, 4-year-olds? Sheesh.

But, it has had its moments of fun. It is fun to see my girlfriends every day.

Sorry about this post. Bor-ing, bor-ing. ;o)

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Bethm411 said...

That 4 year comment would have gotten her a nice time out from me. But then again I am a hard a$$. Thats why I dont have children!