Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tragedy - Internet down!

Here I sit happily at the library so I can get online. Internet service at the house is not working. I am addicted - not ashamed to admit it!

The other day in class we were talking about teenage pregnancy. I felt so weird about it. I think teenage pregnancy is very sad - or do I? In praying for our birthmother am I praying for a teen pregnancy to occur? Have you ever thought of that?

I guess this question is along similar lines as when I hear, "If God could stop such-and-such injustice, why wouldn't He?" (Ooh - this is a doozy). Well, my response would be, God does not make these things happen. He is not sitting in heaven with strings attached to our hands and feet controlling us like little Pinocchios. We have our own volition that is God-given (and sometimes misued, of course). He is then there for us when me make inappropriate decisions, so that through grace by faith we will have comfort.

I'm not praying and hoping for a teenager to get pregnant (and not all birthmothers are teenagers), but I guess if a teenager is to find herself in that desperate situation and to choose adoption for her child, I am thankful that we might be in the position to parent our (her's and our's) precious baby.

More on open adoption later...my personal library space has been invaded!

See you!


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