Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Our first setback

Awww...ain't it cute? I shall love it and squeeze it and call it George.

Our agency needs a piece of paperwork that we won't be able to get to them until late January. We were all ready to get everything in before Thanksgiving, and now we have to wait. And so, we wait. Maybe.

I guess I was kidding myself to think everything would go smoothly. Of course that would have to be a joke! You know, the kind of joke that isn't funny at all - like the ones 5 year olds make up.

"What did the tree say to the grass?"

"I don't know, Timmy, what did the tree say to the grass?"

"It said, Hi. I'm a tree!"


Yesterday when I found out about this, and earlier today, this snag made me feel helpless and frustrated (ask my Hannahs!). Now I am not exactly jumping for joy, but I figure that our baby just isn't ready yet. I said to Randy, "What if we got someone else's baby? We'd be saying, "Who's baby is this?'" Think about that!

We've decided to go ahead and proceed with the other paperwork. Who knows. My friend Kim reminded me the other day about the Star Wars episode where Obi-won-kenobi said to the storm troopers, "Papers? You don't need to see any papers." Then the agency says, "We don't need to see any papers" with a blank look. It wouldn't hurt to get the other items in early.

So, our next thing to do is get physicals. I haven't had a physical since 1995. I guess I'm aout due for one! And to go to a doctor that is not my fertility doctor is going to be a real thrill. Whoopity-doo!

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