Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Heads we win, tails we win!

Quite a good deal!

Over the past few days, several new babies have come into my life! This is because one time last year I received 5 pregnancy announcements in a matter of a few days (you know who you are! ;o)

I look at these pictures I have received, and they are so beautiful and touching. A mommy and a new baby who just spent 40 weeks (or 37!) bonding with Mommy in her womb. I can't help but be a little wistful, you know? I want to carry my baby in my womb. We are so excited about adoption! And still, I know there will be times that I will feel sad that I did not carry our child. Not just a child, but our child. Our child by adoption will be Our Child. Or maybe I won't ever feel sad - I just don't know. (I know, I said "I know" but I really just think it's likely).

In any case, God builds families in different ways. In the eyes of God, our child, by birth or adoption, is meant to be our child. S/he is created to be our child. Right now there might be a pregnant young woman wondering what she is going to do with a baby. Our baby may be conceived at this very moment! I pray for our baby and his or her birthparents every day. Will you join me? I had a dream once that our baby's birthmother would be named Cheryl. Sometimes I call her "Cheryl."

God's purposes will be fulfilled. He promises us that. Whether God's purpose is for us to adopt, to adopt and then conceive, to conceive and then adopt, or to do neither (ouch), we win! We already won, actually. We won when Jesus died on the cross. We won when God adopted all who call on Him. We win each time His purpose is fulfilled in our life!

Our story will have a happy ending. We might never have pictures right after the birth with me in a hospital bed with our baby who grew in "mommy's tummy." But, we might have a picture right after the birth of our child with me in high heels, my hair beautifully coiffed, and wearing a kicky pantsuit (not likely). There will probably be tears of joy, and tears of grief as we realize that our baby's birthmother will not get to experience her baby's everyday life. We will end up being exhausted, sleep deprived, bewildered, awestruck, in love, all most all of the things biological parents go through. Except, I'll be able to sit comfortably on my butt and drive my car right out of the hospital. That's something...

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Christine said...

You'll be surprised how much you DON'T think about the fact that your adopted child didn't come from your body. Then, when you least expect it, you'll have a moment where you have to stop and simply moarn the fact.

I think I find myself starting to be sad that Presh didn't come from my flesh ... then it moves to grief for her birthmother. So, it sorta' gets all mangled into one sad moment.

You'll definitely have those times. I'll update you when she's old enough to ask sex questions and makes me explain the logistics!