Thursday, November 03, 2005

Promises, promises!

About the best caramel apple ever eaten - see

Once upon a time I was a wee lass and lived in California. We had some great "neighbors" (more like an extended family, actually) who my bro (see chainsaw below) and I grew up with. We would gather eggs from their chicken coop, swim in each other's pools (it was California, after all), and ride around town in the way-back of the Foxy Loxy (a.k.a. the Suburban). Regularly, Dawn and I would swing on their swingset singing Captain and Tenille's "Love will keep us together", whilst waving to our "fans" (i.e. the grass).

Cut to 25 years later (!), and Tony D. and his business partner have founded Johnny Applestix, starting out with fresh, fried apple sticks served with dipping sauces, and moving into the caramel apple business. Let me tell you - this is the best caramel apple you'll ever eat. Remember - you get what you pay for! And folks, stay close, because they have "It's a Boy" and "It's a Girl" apples that someone has been tempted with for the future. Apparently, these won't all be for me, but we'll have to share! As I said - stay close!

Go look - you'll be in awe of their beauty.

The open adoption post will have to wait until later, because I want to finish my book "Adopting after Infertility" tonight. One down, 2 to go for the homestudy (or "parent preparation process"). In the meantime, check out my new and increasing links on the right here.

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