Saturday, October 25, 2008


(Or maybe just an excuse to post more pictures of the casted baby on my blog.)

Well, BB is already trying to walk on that cast. The doctor said that's fine, but maybe not less then 24 hours after getting it on! He's having to learn to crawl again in a new way, but is such a trooper and really doing great with it. I can't believe what a strong spirit this guy has! LB is enjoying being able to keep up with his big bro.

Tomorrow is BB's 2nd birthday! We let him open a present from Grandma early so that he would have something new to watch since we thought he might be sitting a lot more for the next 3 weeks. Nope. He's off in the hall crawling around and chasing his brother. Talk about resilience!


NotTheMama said...

It is amazing how quickly kids bounce back!! One of my little cousins who was in our wedding, had casts on BOTH legs, from toe-to-hip. He had surgery on both heels, and was walking rather well on them before he got them off! Hilarious to see.... Hope BB's leg heals soon!

Allison said...

I'm sure BB will be just fine and walking around on his cast faster than you can imagine!