Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big boys go to school.

Look at this big kid going to school! OK, so he's not quite 2 years old, so he's not really a big kid. Our guy really enjoys school. When I drop him off he doesn't even look twice at me, he just starts learning. After I pick him up his little brother is so happy to see him. They giggle at each other in the car and then more at home. BB gets a nap at school so we just play the rest of the day. On Tuesday we met with some friends at a park so the kids could play. It was a good day. It's too hot, though!





Mark and Niki said...

Haha, that puzzle is serious work! :) So cute!

Ann said...

Oh that adorable face! And I am also admiring the beautiful round back of his head and remembering the helmet days.

Thelma said...

He looks so tired!! School is hard work!
Love the pic of the backpack hanging off his hips!