Monday, October 13, 2008

10 things I love about my mother-in-law. (OK, 11 things!)

Having just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, I appreciate the family that I married into! You should meet my mother-in-law. She's really neat. Here is my top 11 list for her!

In no particular order:

1. She raised a wonderful, caring, considerate son to be my husband!
2. She always has something chocolate for me to eat when we come to visit.
3. She taught me how to crochet.
4. She likes to play card games and dominoes, and we usually eat dessert while doing so. She taught me how to play "Shanghai." Maybe when the kids can put themselves to bed we can actually play again.
5. She loves to play with her grandchildren, even when all they do is drool.
6. When she came to visit last she lay down on the floor with BB and helped him do a back flip over her head!
7. She has taken loss and turned it to wisdom and new beginnings rather than bitterness and fear.
8. She makes us big breakfasts when we come to visit when what she would normally eat is a bowl of cereal.
9. She has a beautiful garden but doesn't point and stare at me because I can't grow a cactus.
10. She loves Jesus and has a servant's heart.
11. She saw me at my postpartum craziness and didn't call the authorities!

Do you have someone like this in your life? You should. Go get one!


Mark and Niki said...

Sounds like a wonderful woman!

Allison said...

She sounds wonderful!

Thelma said...

Going to get one right now!

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