Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Finally - an update!

We are almost finished with our paperwork! We finished our 20-page questionnaires, have our recommendations in (we think), and will have our medical statements sent in this week!

We are still waiting for our W-2s to finish our 1040 and adoption fee agreements, and after that we wait. I feel like we've been waiting for long enough, but wait we will (I hear this last part of the sentence in an annoying Jar-jar Binks voice, sorry.) It's been almost 3 months since our orientation at Buckner, and it feels like so much longer.

Yesterday I stopped at Home Depot and picked up some paint samples for the baby's room! We are going to do yellow, but of course there are a million shades of yellow, all with interesting names. Here are some examples...

Touch of Nectar
Jonquil (huh?)
That 70's Color!
Celestial Sun
Punk Rock

Maybe we'll skip Punk Rock - no telling what may happen with a color like that. Plus, it looks like a hopped-up version of those Avocado-colored appliances from the 1970s. So far I think Citron Ice or Celestial Sun...

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