Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Baby's room, stage II

We're really doing it! After almost 3 years of longing for a baby we have finally begun making a cute room. I can't believe this is happening.

Here's the extremely mundane details for anyone other than us.

Moved the tall bookshelf out and the short one in. We'll paint the short one white.
Moved the piano into the dining room. It actually looks pretty nice in the bay window. I've always wanted a piano in a bay window!
I'm taping up the floor boards and crown moulding so we can paint the room yellow during the 3-day weekend.
Made 3 trips to The Container Store to put some books and other items in storage.

As a reminder, here is what the room looked like before!

Think we have our work cut out for us?


Thelma said...

What colour yellow did you pick?? Was it the Punk Rock one? :-)


Amy T. S. said...

Nope. My nephew loves lello, though. Was "lello" one of my colors? Better go check.

We haven't picked, actually, but we think the primer color we'll use is "primer." Who knows, it's such a commitment

Thelma said...

Lello is lovely!

They ought to have a colour called Lello Submarine!


Amy T. S. said...

Update! Citron Ice is the color. I'll post a pic in a few days! This is fun.

Amy T. S. said...

Re-update. Sunny is the color! We made a last minute decision change at the store, with help from the mother and son behind us. Here's what I said,

"It's for a baby's room but I'm not pregnant. I just felt I had to tell you that because I look a little pregnant in this shirt." Ha ha! What was I doing? Time to stop justifying why "expecting" does not necessarily mean "pregnant." Funny.

Thelma said...

I will get you a T-shirt that says, "Stop me before I give you way too much unnecessary information."
Gotta love it when your mouth decides to take over for your brain!

Sunny is lovely... way better than Lello Submarine.