Friday, January 06, 2006

Another update!

Yowzah! Things are really moving. Am I really saying, "Whoah, Nelly, slow down!?"

I feel particularly pulled in two directions today. Yesterday we heard from Buckner that if we get our paperwork in soon we will be able to get our interview completed and attend the seminar next month. Huh?! N-n-next month?"

Don't get me wrong - we're ready (sort of), but there is, was sonst, a snag. I am student teaching this semester and attendence is a big issue. I would certainly have to miss several days to drive back and forth to Dallas from Austin. I know these are extenuating circumstances, it's not like I'm a 21-year-old kid skipping school to attend Austin City Limits, but this is not cut and dry like it might be with a regular j-o-b.

After years of waiting for a baby, doesn't it seem strange that now I'm willing to wait an additional 5 months so that I can earn my teacher's certification? Am I willing to wait another few months? Do I have to?

This would be a great time for me to be reminded about God's perfect timing.

Also, all of the sudden I am asking myself, "Are we ready to be parents?" This is normal, right? No more doing whatever we want whenever, no more hesitating to clean up that spare room to make room for a baby, no more worry-free alone time?

I am freaking out! Do we wait to submit paperwork? Do we go ahead? Do I ask permission from my student teaching supervisor?

Are we ready for this? Suddenly, having 9 months of pregnancy to get used to the idea of having a baby looks extremely luxurious. I know it could take longer than that to be placed with a birth family, but it could also be faster.

TGIF! Gotta get that 1040 done...

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Christine said...

More than likely they will be happy to work with you. Most people are understanding of the fact that adoption requirements are similar to pregnancy requirements (for instance, they wouldn't argue with four days of bedrest).

However, sounds more like you're going through the freak-out "Dear God, are we ready for this?" phase. Just means you're normal.

OH, and by the way ... no matter how ready you are ... pregnant or adopting ... no matter how much freaking out you did ahead of time ... when you bring that baby home for the first time you freak out again, even if just for a moment. It's some sort of unwritten parental law or something.