Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hello, rollercoaster.

I'm on it. How can I possibly feel blue with a baby kitty in the house? I don't know, but I do. Cognitively, I can't reason through it. I have so many things going on that are good and wonderful. But, I feel like crap.

CRAP, I tell you.

I'm not mad, I'm not even sad. I just feel nothing. I know this is probably the adoption rollercoaster - the part where I'm just standing in line.

"Aren't you just so excited?"

"Nope. Bored. Totally bored." (Yawn.)

Lunch is ready.


rachel said...

I understand the feeling. I've been reading you for awhile now and I can identify with you on many levels. We are waaaaay overdue for our referral from Korea for our third child.

Amy T. S. said...


Can you identify with this? Chocolate brownies helped my blues today! ;o) I got to lick the bowl. OH, yeah.

Thelma said...

I had brownies too! Brownies and Met... bad combo. Totally hear ya with the 'stuck in neutral' feeling. Argledy bargledy.


Kristina said...

One word: ZOLOFT. And if that is not an oprion for you, then a regular baked potato has many of the same properties. So, here's to hoping that your blues go away soon!

Christine said...

Just look right back and say, "Sure! I'm so excited! See the baby in my arms! WHOOO! HOOOO!"

Then flip them off.

THEN have brownies.

Have you read my blog? I'm an official "cat person."

Allison said...

It happens to the best of us. I know during our adoption wait, I felt bored and useless and mad. It's all for a reason.

Brownies help. So do good friends named Ben & Jerry. I love Ben & Jerry.

Real friends help, too. Love you Amy!