Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here's mama's little helper pushing his Great Grandma Nana in her wheelchair. He felt very important!

I'm looking forward to spending time with my boys in the presence of people with all different needs and abilities. I hope the Special Olympics are in our town again so we can go volunteer. I'd also like to do an intergenerational or inter-ability music group someday. We all need each other, and life can't be normal if we're not surrounded by all kinds of people.

Big Brother and Little Brother were quite the celebrities in the nursing home, especially since at 21 months old BB knows half of the alphabet! What a smarty-pants!


Ann T. said...

I love this picture----you can see that every inch BB's darling little body is focused upon his important task. I sent the picture to a good friend who is in a wheelchair (from polio) and she commented on how important it is to be sure children are comfortable with wheel chairs and other assistive devices. She says that BB is off to a good start in this area.

Dianne said...
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Dianne said...

That is such a good picture. He is a great little helper.