Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sleep, sweet sleep.

In general we've been blessed with really good sleepers. Since LB was born his big brother has only woken up in the night 2 times. The last time it happened he was so easy to put back to sleep I actually loved the experience. He let me sing him a song, give him some water, and he went right back to sleep. It was so sweet.

Usually Randy puts BB to bed and I'm in charge of LB. Tonight was no different. I had an especially lovely time putting LB down for bed tonight. I read him a couple of books and sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children," a song I sing every night. I then held him in my arms and sang him his lullaby that I wrote (I wrote BB one too when he was a little baby). Soon he was heavy in my arms and breathing slowly - a sure sign of sleep. Usually he will wake up when I put him down, but tonight he was just out. Last night I had to hang over his crib rubbing his tummy and back for about 20 minutes before he eventually fell asleep.

This was one of those experiences I dreamt of when longing for a sweet child to love. I know what a blessing these boys are to me, and times like this especially make me thank God for my guys.

It's been a fun weekend. Last night we had dinner at our church's monthly grill night and left the kids in their wonderful child care. Randy and I played ping pong for a little while and I accidentally smashed some kids' ball over the wall in the rec room. Oopsies! We went to a swimming party earlier today and had a great time. We later had somewhat of a misadventure at dinner with a table that was two small for two little grabbers, but we managed to eat some yummy Greek food. Now we're hanging out watching a little 24 before bed. We contemplated once of us going out to pick up ice cream, but reconsidered when I saw how many Weight Watchers points were in a Chick-Fil-A shake! Life is good.

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