Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Daddy.

Here are some things I love about my dad. I meant to do this for Father's Day, but what can I say, I didn't get to it. We recently returned from a trip with my super fun, amazing family and it reminded me. I think I'll start out with my dad and do this for my whole fam! I tried to do a "top 10" list, but it turns out I can't rank them. So I added an 11 and went ahead and counted down.

11. When I ask him what he did at work that day he ALWAYS starts out by saying, "Well, I talked to some people...."
10. He scoops ice cream in an "ice cream hat."
9. When I am hurt he makes a big fuss and says, "Oooh!" and "Owwwwww!"
8. He's really smart and his hair sticks up like Albert Einstein.
7. He likes to say, "Mell smells" because he remembers that in college my friend Mell and I used to say that everyone "smells."
6. He can laugh at himself.
5. He gives personal, creative gifts.
4. He wrestles like a 20-year-old with his grandsons and he's about to be 67 years old.
3. You can sit with him without saying a word and every once in awhile he looks up and winks at you.
2. He gives great hugs and always has a twinkle in his eye.
1. When Big Brother throws a bunch of stuff in his toilet he says, "What in the world?" and then smiles like this:

I love you, Dad, you're super cool even though you don't let me win at checkers. (Just kidding, we don't play checkers.)

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Ann T. said...

Thanks for the great job of capturing Dad---you clearly "get him"!
And Happy Birthday today. It was just a few years ago (to me) that I watched the sun rise on July 10, 1970 and felt incredible joy over our new baby girl. The baby girl grew up, but the joy remains.