Friday, September 07, 2007

We're helmet-free!

Yesterday we graduated from the cranial reshaping helmet. I was so happy. It really hasn't been a big deal since the first few weeks when it seemed like he'd be in the helmet forever, but it is SO nice to snuggle this guy's bare head. He's gotten a lot of kisses and nuzzles today. Here is a picture of the day he got his helmet off.

We also had a lot of tears today from bonking our head on chairs, the floor, the dresser, etc. I found Baby several times lying on his back crying like he'd lost his best friend. That helmet sure did protect this acive guy's head.

We're really happy with the results. Someone who didn't know that he'd had such bad plagiocephaly/braciocephaly wouldn't be able to tell me looking at him. (Especially wince most people have not idea what those words are.) I'll publish before and after pics soon, but the "before" pictures are on a different computer.

Thanks, Hailey, Dr. Bud and Hanger Orthotics!


Gioietta said...

Hey cuttie pie! love that head :) hope the new bumps wont be too many and far in between (but that happens to boys! J-man got a huge bump once near his eye and twice smack on his forehead the very same week...he was black and blue, thank goodness no one though it was us!)

Swing Kid Mommy said...

Wow - look at all those teeth - it's almost a mouthful! Glad he is helmet free, obviously you made a great decision as his head looks great!