Monday, September 03, 2007

Pregnancy update and a picture at the end.

It's hard to believe I'm now over 30 weeks pregnant. Over the past few days it's like this baby is a contortionist. There is some body part yet to be determined that keeps roving all over the place. Its favorite places are behind my bellybutton, up in my ribcage, or way the heck over to my right side. What is it? I assume it's a foot, but who do I look like, the Bionic Woman? I can't see through my own abdomen. (Nor can I really see much below it, if you must know.)

I haven't written much about pregnancy on this blog, if you haven't noticed. It's a precarious position to be pregnant after infertility and adoption. (Go see Thelma for a really great post about romanticising motherhood.) In a way I think I've tried to minimize the miracle of this pregnancy for fear that I would make adoption seem like less of a miracle or hurt my dear friends who are struggling with infertility. In turn I haven't posted as much recently because the main thing going on in my life right now is children. During the day I care for a 10-month-old alternating with napping to care for myself and a feetoos (I know a fetus is a baby, but I like to say "feetoos." Say it - it's fun.).

At my last appointment I was a little over 28 weeks pregnant and by ultrasound the baby measured 3 lbs. 2 oz., and I can't remember how tall. Tall, I think. I passed my gestational diabetes test, which is great because I'm into ice cream and chocolate these days, on top of my milk cravings and fruity tastes. I've gained 20 pounds, which is on track for normal, and aside from a stomach-emptying hurling festival a few nights ago, I've felt really good.

The thing is, I'm not getting any smaller. It took me a long time to "show" because of my height and broad shoulders, but now there's no hiding. Now I'm thinking that 10 more weeks give me a lot of time to become gianormous. If I gain another pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy I'll be pushing 200 pounds at the end.

It's amazing how much 20 extra pounds will hurt your feet. I bought this fabulously expensive and not exactly glamorous pair of Birkenstocks to help with that, and I cannot say enough about Birkenstocks at this point. I put them on the minute I wake up and wear them all day long - around the house, at the store, and everywhere but 'cept the shower.

I think this picture is me at 28 weeks pregnant. We forgot to take one this week, but maybe we don't need to every single week. Here's the baby boy or girl that will double the size of our family in just one year. Yowzah.


Allison said...

You are gorgeous, Amy!
Both adoption and pregnancy are God's miracles - Erik and the VHC are so blessed, as they bless you in return!

Thelma said...

You are beautiful! Love your feetoos bump!
I hear what you're saying though... I dream of that time when there are children in my home, and I wonder whether my blog will remain my ponderings, or whether I'll flood the blogways with pics, stories and more pics. I always dreamed of changing the title to 'Life as Three.. Four... etc', and yet so much about this blog is about not having children...
I guess infertility doesn't get easier just because occasionally we're blessed to add kids to the mix, huh?
Much love,

Christine said...

Fun belly!

Ann Thompson said...

The thrills of the past year are almost unbelievable to me. I will always treasure the memory of Erik's birth, the miracle of his adoption, meeting and loving K, and the joy of watching you and Randy parent with such love and skill.......not to mention darling, perfect Erik!
And now new baby and sharing your pregnancy with you adds an exciting new chapter in the saga.
None of this will change, however, the pain and frustrations of infertility. I noted that during your struggle with infertility, my friends who had had similar problems were the most understanding and totally sympathetic and I will always treasure their empathy for you and I know you (and i) will always have this same empathy and connection with others struggling with infertility.

PS You are gorgeous pregnant---just as you are gorgeous not pregnant. And this is, of course from a totally unbiased source.

Mark and Niki said...

You look maaaaaavelous dahling! Your children are both great miracles. I love reading your blog. I come visit every day, and if there's nothing new, then I just look at he same pictures :)

katie said...

love the belly shots, amy!

Gioietta said...

(((Amy))) the feetoos bump! It is fun to say, you are right!...both of you are beautiful. About why you don't talk about pg on this is because we are different from our bag of experiences. Of course I have come to realize I might never be the 'typical' soccer mom. I love being a mom to J-man, I love it how he challenges me and makes me think of stuff, even important stuff, who I am and who and what I believe...and that is what I like to blog, and that is the mom I'll be, just like my mom, because we are all unique. And our life experiences shape us that way often too. I love my friends so dearly and I know that many might be hurting and I want to reach out to them in the best way I can. I could say more but this is becoming a post in itself! Sorry!
I love you! miriam

Sarah said...

What a great picture - you are beautiful! I mentioned this at the retreat, but I'll say it again: you really look like my mom's side of the could be my cousin! ((hugs))

Swing Kid Mommy said...

What a cute pregnant belly you have! Just wait til you're 37 weeks like me & when you hold E, he practically just sits atop your belly. Pregnant with a toddler, fun - fun - fun!