Sunday, September 16, 2007


Our sweet baby was dedicated to the Lord today. That means that we pledged to God that we would pray for Erik and raise him in a Christian home so that when he is old enough he can decide for himself to ask Jesus Christ into his heart as his Lord and Savior.

Mr. Baby was sick with some sort of virus this weekend, so he was a little subdued, but he was an angel. He kicked his legs as Randy held him during the dedication and he grabbed our pastor's tie and microphone as Dr. Bowman held him for the prayer. It was a beautiful ceremony and we feel so blessed to be this kiddo's parents. Praise God!


Christine said...

Beautiful day!!

Swing Kid Mommy said...

He is soooo adorable in that little outfit. My he is getting big!
What a great family photo.

Mark and Niki said...

What a wonderful day! Your family is beautiful. But VHC is hiding.

Allison said...

Congratulations! May the Lord bless Erik in all his endeavors.

Ann Thompson said...

Dad I loved being there for Erik's dedication ceremony. He was so adorable---and I loved reading to him and seeing how he gets excited when he knows we are getting to the "good" part of the book. He is clearly brilliant, as well as darling.
Grandma Ann