Monday, September 03, 2007

Stray Cat Strut

This morning I awakened to a loud BANG! and some very strange meowing. A skinny, scary looking grey tabby had jumped our 8 foot tall wood fence/wall and was in our atrium. Chez was hissing at him with her bottle-brush tail as full as the dawn, and the banging was the skinny cat trying to jump back over the wall. He made it, too, which shows superfeline strength, in my opinion. That is a tall fence!

So all morning the cats have been going berserk. I think they are trying to get to all the food before "that other cat" does. I'm glad it wasn't our male cat out there fighting, because the last thing we need is another makeshift litterbox. The planters out there are quite fertilized already.

I have used so many compound words in this post I don't know what should be hyphenated, one word, or are words I'm making up.

I see a shadow out there...please, please I don't want another cat. Don't make me fall for this skinny dude. I won't.

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