Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I recently answered the following questions on an online community I'm a part of, but it seems to have crashed. So, to save I thought I'd just post it here!

Baby's age? 11 weeks in 2 days!! How is that possible? Am I wrong? Nope - 11 weeks on the 11th!
Diaper size? Size 1 fits great, needing to get through 3 more packs!
Clothes size? 0-3 before they are washed, some 3-6 (like onesies)
Current weight, etc.? Uh... 11 pounds? He was 10 lb. 1 oz at 8 weeks
Percentile? 50% on all accounts - not too shabby for being a little guy at birth
Birth weight, etc.? 5 lbs. 6.6 oz., 18 inches!
Gestational age at birth? 39 weeks
Can you tell eye color yet? No, hopefully green, maybe hazel, maybe brown - can't tell.
Who does s/he look like? I think he looks like bmom Kelly. Actually, I think he looks like the cutest baby boy in the whole wide world!!!

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