Saturday, December 03, 2005

Nephew stories

Apparently there was a lot of baby cousin talk at my parents house for Thanksgiving! I have two of the cutest, blondest, smartest nephews in the world (and another on the way!) Since my SIL (sister-in-law) is expecting another little guy in May, babies are a big theme right now. I wasn't there so I don't know exactly how these conversations came up, but I would not be surprised if my nephew Kyle (5-yrs) asked if we had a baby. He is very sensitive to that and prays for us to have a baby.

So, I think these stories will be much cuter if you saw how cute these guys were. Here are some recent pictures...


My little guy Kolben (3-yrs) has a favorite song. It goes like this. "Pinkle, pinkle, little staw. How I wondoo what you awe." So, he wants his new baby brother to be named Pinkle. And, he wanted his baby cousin to be named Pinkle. He's consistent, he is. My mom had him talk to me on the phone and she asked him, "What do you want to name your baby cousin?" He called out, "Hannah" and went on his way. This is cool for two reasons. First, we'd love a little girl (or a little boy!), and second, Hannah's Prayer Ministries has been a Godsend for me on my infertility journey (check out the weblink on the right). Pretty cool.

Next, someone, either my mom or SIL was explaining adoption to Kyle. Here's about how it went.
Mom: "Amy and Randy are going to adopt a baby. The baby will grow in another woman's tummy and then Amy and Randy will be it's parents."
Kyle: "Who is the baby going to live with?"
Mom: "The baby will live with Amy and Randy."
Kyle: "Oh, good."
Kolben: "I a cousin, too!"

Does it get any cuter than this? I think not! Thank heavens for little boys!

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Christine said...

Oh my cow, you could just bite their cheeks, they're so cute!

After explaining adoption to our oldest, and then weeks later after she sat down and watched "A Baby Story" with me (home birth, no meds!), she stood up and exclaimed,

"I'm not going to get married. I'm not going to have a baby come out of my tummy. I'll just do what you did with P and adopt a baby that came out of somebody else's!"