Friday, December 02, 2005

I made it - what a week!

I did it - got through the week (with God's help). To top it off, today I sent an email to my friend Nathan thinking he was Randy. I was wondering why Randy did not get the message - mystery solved!

I left my brain in one of several places: a) UT, b) Canyon Vista Middle School, c) Bannockburn Baptist Church, c) my colleagues office, d) my piano students' house, e) Hyde Park Baptist Church, f) McCallum High School, g) Burnet Middle School, h) the chiropractor's office, i) Perry Castanedas Library. Most of those locations I visited on Thursday. What am I going to do this weekend? Sleep!

(And maybe get a Christmas tree - is it really Christmas time?)

I am afraid this blog entry is famously uninteresting. I am just excited to be posting when I do not next have to do a homework assignment.

Adoption news - ask me tomorrow. We may have some more of our paperwork done this weekend. We're ready to move on. It feels like we are at a standstill right now. Maybe next Christmas we'll finally have a little one. I hope so!

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