Monday, December 19, 2005

Fishing for comments

All right, I know it's usually "fishing for compliments," but I really am fishing for comments. (Thank you, Christine!)

I want to know what you're thinking. How has God used pain in your life to glorify him? What is your experience with infertility or adoption? How cute do you think my nephews are? Or, as I frequently ask Randy, "Don't you think I'm so brave?" What do you think of my book reviews, do you have anything to add? Any book suggestions yourself? What are you doing for Christmas or Hannukah?

Just don't tell me I'll probably get pregnant now that we're adopting! It's such a relief not to hear that. Thank you.

Sleep on it. Come out of hiding - it's fun in here. OK, with posts like yesterday, maybe not so much "fun," but at least you know I'm not pretending to be positive all the time.

Tomorrow I am going to visit my friend whose husband thought their new baby was a boy for several minutes - you know who you are! Sorry to exploit you on my blog. Well, not really, you have to laugh at yourself, right? (And at your husband when you get the chance).

Thanks, friends.



Christine said...

Hey Amy Schmamy!

Here's a great tip for getting more traffic on your blog:

Sign up at

Your blog will then be in their search engine. When people search for things like infertility, adoption or doctors who tell you you're heavy ... BOOM! They'll find YOU! :)

It brought a lot of new folks over to my place.

Amy T. S. said...

OK, Christine, I claimed my blog at technorati. I couldn't pull it up in a search by using my keywords, though. Maybe it takes awhile. Some interesting pages sure popped up!