Monday, January 17, 2011

Tough Mommy day.

I did not feel like being a mommy today. The morning went well enough, but when we got home from the gym later than anticipated the boys were really hungry and I had a hard time getting their lunches prepared. Then we had issues involving "sassy sauce" and I sent them to bed. BB didn't fall asleep and came on out to play, and then LB soon woke up. I didn't sit down to eat lunch, instead eating cheese, turkey pepperoni, and corn chips while I swept up said tortilla chips a billion and one times as the boys continually crushed them up. I didn't have more than 10 minutes to sit down by myself and I felt like I really needed it.

Enter neighbors. I called up my lovely knitting neighbors in high hopes that they would be doing exactly what they were doing - knitting while their children played. I head on over with my shawl I'm knitting, one boy in jammies, and one in rain boots (it wasn't raining). They had a blast playing while I got to knit and get all of my daily words in with friends. What a blessing!

I wouldn't trade my life for anything ever. But I admit there are some days I do, for a fleeting moment, long for the easy days of being a free-wheeling childless woman who could sit down whenever she wanted. A lot of times gals like me who have experienced infertility feel like we should never take our little blessings for granted and never desire a break more than anything. But most of us do. And that's OK.

Right? ;o)


Kimberly said...

how great you have knitting neighbor with kids for your boys to play with!!

sorry about the rough morning.


Jess said...

I don't feel like wanting (or taking) a break means you're taking things for granted.

I never really wish for child-free days (I'm a little neurotic about them in the care of others still!) but I do certainly long for baby naptime, for a day with a friend while Travis watches them, or just recently, a night out on our own now and again. I think also having two at the "same" or same time is rough, and while it's a big big blessing, and while we did "ask" for it and accept it pretty knowingly, it's still freaking tough. There's no reason we shouldn't get to complain about it and sigh about the rough bits just like everyone else does!

Kids are fun...or something?! ;)

A Life Being Lived said...

You're a parent- it's ok to wish for a little more me time or a break once in awhile. :) It's a big, 24 hour a day job.