Saturday, January 08, 2011

Skinny jeans.

Tonight I wore skinny jeans and boots to dinner. My first outing. At first I thought I looked like a biker chick, not there's anything wrong with that, and I thought I might change. "Oh, who cares," I thought, maybe I am a biker chick. So I went for it.

I felt pretty stylish but man those things had to be hiked up every time I sat down or stood up. You know, a grab your pants on either side, yank them up forcefully while wriggling your boo-tay from side to side kind of hike-up. I felt like a doofus. But I still thought I looked pretty cute.

We ended up running by the mall after dinner and I would say that about 50% of the women I noticed had on skinny jeans and boots. I guess I didn't look so hard-core after all.

I'd post a picture but I'm pretty sure those suckers got up and walked away on their own when I changed into my comfy pants. I'm not really sure what that implies but I'm tired so I'm going with it.



cbrueggie said...

i think i'd rather wear jumpers than skinny jeans.

coamaim is the word of the day, but i couldn't type it so it gave me decousse.

Ann said...

We need a pic!

Thelma said...

You look awesome. Not at all biker-chick-ish. (That's a word. I promise.)

Esther said...

Look how cute you are!!! I could never pull that off. I mean that literally as well as figuratively. ;)

Amy T. S. said...

Oh, Seethes, you're sweet. And funny. I just got the joke. Ha!