Sunday, January 02, 2011


Did you notice that yesterday was 1/1/11? It would have been more interesting for me to have pointed that out yesterday, but alas I did not. Today is 1/2/11, but that is not interesting at all. When it is 1/2/21 that will be nifty. I'll be 50 years old. What? In October it will be 11/11/11. Now that's cool.

I don't believe in New Years resolutions, do you? Eat better, exercise regularly, get organized, read more books and spend less time online, blog more. Did I hear blog more? Can I get a what, what??

It used be I found myself pretty interesting. Going through infertility and experiencing the adoption process was pretty exciting stuff, and I found that writing about it and using my self-professed sense of humor to get through were helpful.

So are trial and struggle the only interesting things to blog about? It's not that I don't have either in my life right now, but most pressing is how do I raise my little men. This is my most important mission now. As a formerly infertile woman, who still identifies greatly with that plight, I've had a hard time blogging about parenting. There are tons of blogs about parenting. I'm also not that great a parent! I have some cute stories, though.

My Wendi has managed to continue blogging and being a mom sensitive to her readers who are experiencing infertility. (Did I just insert a link all by myself?) She is a blogging inspiration! (Did I really just insert a link?) Others have done it too, right?

I shouldn't feel like I have to apologize for being a mom. No one tells me I should, but I feel a self-imposed need to shelter my IF friends from All Mom All The Time. I think this is why I stopped blogging. That and I really don't have a lot of uninterrupted time to get my thoughts down. (Enough time to play a lot of Facebook Scrabble though!)

So anyway, I want to try to blog more. I did used to really enjoy it. I should stop apologizing to myself about being too momish. I am a lot of other things too, but I am a mom with mom issues and parenting struggles.

So I'm going to go for it. I'm not making a NYR, but I do commit to blogging something every day for 21 days and try to make a habit. I give myself permission to talk about parenting and I promise not to only talk about parenting. If I can get back into the gym, I can do this!

Any other part-time bloggers care to join me for a 21 day attempt at daily blogging?


Kimberly said...

today my son said:
"in 23 years it will 1-2-34"

Amy T. S. said...

Wow! That's quite a mathematician!

miriam said...

Okay, Amy. This is Miriam and I am going to join you as I just started (and I mean JUST like a few days ago!) blogging, again, after 18 months break. gulp.
Like you I had blogged mostly stuff that was not parenting related. I had a big of 'personal identity crisis' when parenthood came, which I am indeed so grateful and overjoyed for, just like you. But no, you don't have to feel guilty, and parenting is a big and right now very consuming job, as it should be. I intend to blog about family and the kids more, because, well, I need to remind myself more to be grateful, even if somewhat exhausted! phew, just wrote a blog post here, sorry! love you and happy 2011 to you!

Jessica said...

I have felt the same way about blogging. Feeling like it's just a boring recap of my kids and being a parent. Having a hard time transitioning from having SO MUCH to write about. Looking back over my archives, I was funny and full of thoughts outside the home. Now...I work and I wrangle my kids. And they are amazing and funny kids. And I love talking about them. But, important bloggy material is was not.

So I've been inspired. My oldest is recovering from surgery, but once he's 100% I think I'll join you.

Also, I don't know if I have ever commented here before...but here I am! Also blessed by adoption and birth. Hi! I read your blog! :)