Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We have grandparents!

Well, we all have grandparents, Don't we? But our BB has 4 sets of grandparents now! OK, he's had that many all along, but we've recently been in contact with another set of BB's birth grandparents. It's pretty cool.

I sent them some pictures of our family a while ago but hadn't heard back, so I sent some more a few weeks ago. We received a letter in the mail today from his birth grandmother and apparently she had written after the first batch of pictures but we didn't receive her letter. We also received a picture this last set of birth grandparents, aunt, and 3 more cousins, bringing the cousin total up to 9!

This is so cool. Not the family we expected when we began to try to add children to our life, but a family for sure. A great, big blended one. This isn't much different from a family with a couple of divorces and remarriages either. It makes holidays a bit more hectic, but when aren't they?

We also recently received pictures of BB's birth-half-sibling who just turned 1. There are now no obvious branches missing from BB's family tree. We were out climbing trees this morning, so this makes an applicable metaphor for today.


Ann said...

I am happy to hear your news----the family tree is complete for BB! Judging from our interactions, BB has plenty of love to share with four sets of grandparents and we with him.

Allison said...

Praising God for adding to your family and for a biofamily that's willing to be a small part of BB's life!