Thursday, August 23, 2007

"My Grandma" by Baby S.

My grandma had foot surgery today. When I found out I told my mommy, "Let's make a photo diary so Grandma can see what I do all day." My mommy said OK, so here it is. This post is very picture heavy, so if you don't think I'm cute, or you think I'm too cute, you might not want to look. Love, Baby

1. I like to play in the hall, dangerously near outlets that my mom stuck little plastic things in.

2. I brush my teeth.

3. Next I terrorize my kitties.

4. I pull Punky’s tail. He doesn’t like it.

5. Subluxations are bad. My chiropractor gets me straightened out.

6. Time for a nap.

7. Yay, naptime is over.

8. Another nap? I don’t think so, mommy. (She put me right back down and I gave in.)

9. I can climb up on lots of things.

10. I liked my fresh peach the best.

11. Daddy comes home!!!

12. Big blue has a flat head.

13. I tickle the ivories after almost every meal.

14. Bath time. I like sushi.

15. Night-night bottle. (I’m embarrassed. You saw me in my underwear.)

Ain’t life grand? I love my grandma. Get well soon!


Ann Thompson said...

Amy and Darling Baby Erik,
All the pain pills in the pharmacy couldn't help my recovery as much as your happy diary. Please know that I will savor every picture as I look at the posting lots and lots of times today. Beautful ittle Erik looks so happy with his adventuresome daily life, and he has made lots of us very happy also.
Please tell Erik that I am especially impressed with the beautifully rounded back of the head he now possesses and very proud of him and his parents for dealing with the helmet. I know we will all be thrilled to see more of Erik the Red's curly locks.
Have a terrific day----you certainly have added immensely to my day (and my life!)
Grandma Ann

When I was having trouble sleeping last night, I decided that I would just think happy thoughts about Erik and New Baby, and that worked wonders.

Mark and Niki said...

I love your adventures! Thanks for sharing your day with us Erik! Take care of Mommy and New Baby.

Christine said...

I want to hang out at your house! We'll drink milk in our undies together!!